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Holistic Services and Rates

Reiki Treatments

Reiki is an ancient Japanese healing modality which employs the life force energy that is the fabric of the web of life and can be done without receiving a massage, but compliments massage work wonderfully.  Treatments without massage are given with the client completely clothed and relaxed on the massage table.  The practicioner will ask the client what thier intention for the session is, ie.. relief of physical pain, headache, ect; or emotional..difficult time with something specific or in general such as restoring a sence of peace or balance.  If it is of a personal nature, the client may give the pratcioner a general area to be concentrated on and what to focus on, keeping in mind to focus on positive, constructive intentions.   The practicioner will then begin the session.  Light, comforting touch is often used, but not necessary.  If there is any reason the client wishes to not be touched (pain or discomfort of any kind in any area) the session can modified without lessening the effectiveness of the treatment.  As always, I would be happy to answer any questions about this wonderful modality.

Full session (40-60min)... $50.00

Short session (20-30min)... $30.00

Body & Soul session  ~personalized combination of  relaxation massage and reiki 

Full session (90min) ...$100.00  

Short session (45min) ...$65.00    

Energy Balancing Crystal Therapy (60min)...$60.00

          ~utilizes the natural properties of crystals and semi-precious stones with Reiki to balance and clear the Auric Field and  Chakra centers.  This is not a massage and is performed with the client fully clothed. 

Intuitive Consultation (30min)... $25.00

~If you have a question, are in need of guidence with a situation, some clarity, or even just for fun, I invite thoes with open minds and hearts to set up a consultation.  Divine guidence and intuition have assisted me countless times in navigating circumstances that I needed a little help with through out my life.  It has been a valuable gift to me and I am honored to share it.  All readings are performed in Sacred space and with Divine Light and Love.