Massage Services and Rates

Investing in massage is an investment in your health.

Sessions are tailored to meet the individual needs of each client

**Return Client Rate...   Monthly (every 3-6 weeks) 

                                             $50.00 for 60 minutes 

                                             $75.00 for 90 minutes  

                                           Weekly Rates (every 1-2 weeks)

                                             $40.00 for 60 minutes

                                             $70.00 for 90 minutes

 ~~** Fabulous Fall Special...... $150 /package

 ... Four 60 minute sessions in 30 days, one per week.  Offered at this special rate so you are able to experience the health and vitality that regular massages can add to your life. 

Once first massage is scheduled, you must keep within the 30 day limit or forefit any remaining massages. Any not scheduled within the 30 days will revert to Return Client pricing.  Packages, once purchased must be used within one year of purchase date, and once scheduled must be used within the month.                                                                                    **~~



 One for Two Couples Massage......$150.00 (75min) 

   One room, one therapist, two tables for two people.  This massage incorporates the use of aromatherapy and relaxation massage techniques.  The therapist will alternate between clients, using active massage and passive aromatherapy.  Available begining 2/1/14.


***Coupon deals purchased outside of Lightworks may be used  toward /for this massage.  Balance payable at time of service.  A gratituity may be applied when using 2 individual coupons on the same session****  


 Hot Stone Massage 

 Smooth basalt stones are warmed and used to massage stiff, tired muscle tissue.  The heat helps to melt away stress and tension while the stones allow for gentle, deeper massage of strained structres. 

Full Body (100 min)....$125.00

Back only (45min).....$65.00


Comforting Care Massage

Perfect for Mothers-to-be and others in need of a caring, soothing massage.  Lighter pressure is utilized in this modality.  Based on Touch Therapy.

Full Body (90 min)....$70.00

Full Body (60 min)....$50.00

Relaxation /Swedish Massage

 Great for general relaxation, stress reduction and anxiety relief leaving an overall sence of well being. Medium Pressure

Full body  (90 min) .... $100.00 

Full body  (60min) ..... $70.00


Therapuetic Massage

A customized combination of swedish and deep tissues.  Focuses on targeted areas of restricted muscles releasing knots, aiding in reduction of pain and improved mobility.  Can be a bit uncomfortable during the session, some soreness after, but results in a dramatic improvement.  Drinking plenty of water following treatment and the next day is strongly encouraged to reduce soreness and to aid in removal of toxins from the body.

 Long session (90min) ...$100.00

 Full session (60min) ...$85.00

  *** Be on the watch for new services and modalites ***    






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